Galytskiy district

Museum "Nature of Halych Land" (Halych National Nature Park)

Halych-Hora Str., 1,


tel./fax: +38 ( 03431) 2-21-13, 2-11-87,

Museum of Folk Architecture and Prykarpattya Life

The National Reserve “Ancient Halych”

Ivana Franka Str.,1, Halych

tel. (+38 03431) 2-16-63, 2-14-58, 2-19-91



Karaite history and culture museum
Rizdvo square, 33,

Halych city

Ancient Halych History Museum
Krylos village

Halych district

The National Reserve Ancient Halych

1, Vul. Ivana Franka,

Halych, 77100

tel.: +380 3431 2-16-63

fax: +380 3431 2-14-58, 2-19-91




The state Historical-and-Ethnographical Museum Berehynia

Konovalcya Str., 2

Burshtyn, Halych district, 77111

Tel.: (03431) 4-26-94

Regional Ethnography Museum, Demyaniv village

Shkil’na St., Demyaniv village

Halych district, 77131

tel.: (03431) 5-83-73


The Museum of Liberation movement in the Halych Region

Mickevycha Str., 47, Burshtyn, 77111

Halych district

tel.: (03438) 4-54-19

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Vasyl Stefanyk Literary and Memorial Museum

Historical and Local Lore Museum of Bojkivschyna Culture and Mode of Life in Tsineva Village

History of Tysmenytsia town Museum named after Stepan Gavryliuk
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