Bogorodchanskiy district  Museum of ethnography and life of Sadzhava village

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Shkilna Str., Sadzhava village,

Bogorodchany district, 77717

phone: +380 3471 37-2-34



The museum is located in 9 rooms and has about 3000 unique exhibits, gathered in Sadzhava village.

It has the following directions: «History of the village appearance»; «Folk legends about village foundation and origin of its name»; «Village map. Location of the rural and public houses and buildings»; «House planning. Construction and roof materials»; «Genealogy. Origin of the family names»; «Interior of Sadzhava houses at the end of ղ – beginning of centuries»; «Agricultural techniques: tools for works on the ground; for threshing, grinding; horse harness»; «Generous gifts of Sadzhava land. Food of local people. Bread. Hunting. Fishing. Beekeeping»; «Life objects. Wood processing industry of the village. Metal objects. Wicker-work with metal, bark, rod, straw. Artificial flowers. Easter eggs painting. Village embroidery»; «Fests and traditions. Folklore. Sport achievements»; «Youth organizations»; «Religious life»; «Pupils’ works».

In one of the halls with the interior of living room, everything is touched with the family warmth: the straw bed, oven, big trunk with festive attire, etc. Musical instruments: pipes, violins, cymbals, tambourines, mandolins, guitars, harmonica, bayan, first radio, gramophone. Interesting exhibits – education certificates issued at the times of Austria, Poland, and German occupation. There are also pictures of Sadzhava secondary school alumni.

The museum is the visiting card of the school, village, district, and region. It conducts large educational activities. The museum has became the center of experience exchange between pedagogical collectives from Bogorodchany, Kalush, Nadvirna, Tysmenytsia, Dolyna districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region; of Lviv, Ternopil regions. It permanently organizes meetings with the interesting people. For school pupils it holds different lessons, which enrich the heart with high and deep emotions.


Working hours: according to the preliminary agreement.


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