Galytskiy district  The National Reserve Ancient Halych


1, Vul. Ivana Franka,

Halych, 77100

tel.: +380 3431 2-16-63

fax: +380 3431 2-14-58, 2-19-91





The national reserve “Ancient Halych” was created with object to preserve the historic and cultural monuments on the Halych area of over 80 sq. km, covering the lands of the ancient town and its suburbs. Under state protection there is a number of monuments of national and world heritage importance, the foundations of 14 annalistic churches dating back to the XII–XIII centuries, over 200 archaeological sites, 18 natural landmarks connected with historic and architectural sites.

The reserve houses the following museums: the Ancient Halych History Museum, the Precarpathia Folk Architecture and Life Museum, the regional landscape park.


Working days: Monday-Sunday.

Working hours: 9:00-18:00.


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