Snyatinskiy district

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Museum of Nataliya Kobrynska

School in Beleluia village,

Sniatyn district,

tel.: (03476) 3-47-45

Vasyl Stefanyk Literary and Memorial Museum

Stefanyka Str., 20, Rusiv village,

Sniatyn district, 78335

tel.: (03476) 3-51-36


Marko Cheremshyna Literary and Memorial Museum

T. Shevchenka Str.,101

Sniatyn, 78300

tel.:(03476) 2-14-48

Vasyl Kasian Art and Memorial museum
Vojevody Kosniatyna Str., 48-e,

Sniatyn city, 78300

tel.: (03476) 2-20-32

Literature-memorial museum of Ivan Fedorak
Mygalia Str., 10, Rusiv village,

Sniatyn district, 78335

tel. (home): +380 3476 3-51-31



Museum of liberty fights of Pokuttja region
Hrushevskogo Str., 25, Zabolotiv village,

Sniatyn district, 78315

tel.: +380 3476 4-12-90


Museum of history of Illintsi village
Shkilna Str., 1, Illintsi village,

Sniatyn district, 78351

tel.: +380 3476 4-43-69


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Hutsul household, ethnography and musical instruments museum of Roman Kumlyk

Museum of ethnography and life of Sadzhava village

The Museum of Liberation Movement in Precarpathia
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