Literary museum named after Myroslav Irchan

Irchana Str.,

Piadyky village, Kolomyja district,

tel.: +38 (03433) 5-20-00 

Prykarpattya Literary Museum

Lepkiy Str., 27, Ivano-Frankivsk

tel.: (0432) 2-50-47


Maryika Pidgyrianka Room-museum

Shevchenko Str , 12

Tlumach, 78000

tel.: +38 (03479) 2-25-76


Also visit:

Museum-monument of wooden architecture and painting of the VI XIX centuries Church of the Holy Spirit

Hutsul household, ethnography and musical instruments museum of Roman Kumlyk

Museum "Nature of Halych Land" (Halych National Nature Park)
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