Gorodenkivskiy district

Kunivtsi historic and local lore museum

Grushevskogo Str., 17, Kunisivtsi village,

Gorodenka district, 78111

tel.: +380 3430 4-92-49


Fighters for the liberty of Ukraine Museum of Kopachintsi village

Vilna Ukraine Str., Kopachintsi village

Gorodenka district, 78110


History and Local Lore Museum

Independence Str., 14, Chernelytsya village

Gorodenka district, 78112

tel.: (03430) 5-52-91


Roommuseum at library-branch, Chernyatyn village

Shevchenko St., 1, Chernyatyn village,

Gorodenka district, 78126


Museum of history of Tyshkivtsi village and Liberation competitions named after Roman Shukhevych

Village Council, Independence Str., Tyshkivtsi village

Gorodenka district, 76124

tel.: (03430) 4-22-86


Literary and Memorial Museum of Les Martovych

Torgovytsia village,

Horodenka district, 78161

tel.: (03430) 5-90-21

Museum Fighters for the liberty of Ukraine

Boguna Str., 9, Gorodenka city, 78100

Also visit:

Museum of liberty fights of Pokuttja region

Vasyl Stefanyk Literary and Memorial Museum

The Museum of Liberation Movement in Precarpathia
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