National museum of Hutsul and Pokuttia Folk Art named after Y. Kobrynskyi

Teatralna Str., 25, Kolomyya, 78200

tel. / fax: (03433) 2-39-12


Museum of Mykhajlo Strutynskis folk creative works

Tykha Str., 1,

Kosiv city, 78600

tel.: +380 3478 2-21-59


Malyavskiy family Museum

Tykha Str., 1, Kosiv, 78600

tel.: (03478) 2-32-91


Museum of folk art of Hutsulschyna
school, Yavoriv village,

Kosiv district, 78644


Country-House Museum of the Shadows of Forgotten Forefathers movie

settlement Glyfa, Verkhovyna town,

Verkhovyna district, 78700


Vasyl Kasian Art and Memorial museum
Vojevody Kosniatyna Str., 48-e,

Sniatyn city, 78300

tel.: (03476) 2-20-32

Prycarpathian Museum of Arts
Address of museum: Sheptitskiy square, 8,

Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000

tel.: (03422) 3-00-39

e-mail: museum_ if@inbox

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Museum of ethnography and life of Sadzhava village

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