Artistic-regional  Museum of Pysanka (Easter Eggs)

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Chornovola avenue, 43 b,

Kolomyia, 78200

tel./fax: (03433) 2-78-91



Kolomyia Museum of Pysanka is a unique museum, built especially for keeping and exhibiting works of pysanka painting (painting Easter eggs).The architectural construction, shaped as an Easter egg has become a Kolomyia visiting card that greatly attracts tourists. The museum owns a collection of 12,000 Easter eggs, brought from almost all Ukrainian regions. Besides, some of them have been sent from Pakistan, Shri-Lanka, Byelorussia, Poland, Check Republic, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, France, and India.

In itself pysanka is a hen’s egg, treated with wax according to a specific technology and painted with natural or aniline dyes. Traditions of such a painting in the Hutsul region take their roots in the hoary antiquity and constitute a unique accumulation of miniature painting works. Their ornamental patterns have been preserved since the pagans’ times.


Working days: Tuesday – Sunday

Working hours: 10:00 – 18:00.


The museum was included into the list of the objects, which have been monitored for the accessibility.


Short description of the object accessibility:

There are two ramps to the left entrance of the museum building. The ground floor of the building is fully accessible. Here the variable exhibitions of local handcrafts, master-classes of Easter egg paining and straw spider weaving are being organized; there are the exposition of the Easter egg paining history and a gift-shop.

There are steep steps to the first floor, no special utilities for people on wheel-chairs.

WC in museum is not equipped for disabled people.

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