Verkhovinskiy district  Ivan Franko Literature and Memory Museum

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settlement Moskalivka, Kryvorivnya village,

Verkhovyna district, 78710

tel.: (03432) 5-37-04




Founded in 1953 in Kryvorivnya, the museum occupies the former country cottage of Vasyl’ Yakybiyk which used to be Ivan Franko’s summer cottage in 1906-1914. The exhibition highlights the creative work of Ivan Franko as well as other famous writers and artists who visited the place. In 1960 with the assistance of Platonida Hotkevych and Evgen Lazarenko (rector of the I. Franko Lviv University) Ivan Franko Literary and Memorial museum was created in this house.

The display of museum is located in 5 rooms. The memorial things used by I. Franko are preserved in the museum. This is the bed, the writer slept on; the chair, he sat on; the table, he worked on; also the clock, which hung in the time of I. Franko life; the bench, I. Franko guests sat on. In the museum there is also the lounge, on which Kotsiubynskiy rested. The Hutsul stove decorated by tiles made by Olexa Bakhmatiuk in 1874 is an interesting exhibit also.

For the last decades of the museum work over 70 different exhibitions were organized. Among them: exhibition of I. Derkach artist pictures «Place of I. Franko stay in Prycarpattia», photo-exhibitions «Kryvorivnyanska Koliyada», «History of Stanislav Vintsenz life in pictures», book exhibitions «Lesya Ukrainka in Hutsul’schyna», «Always living word of Kobza-player», «He lived in Hutsul’schyna and created for it», exhibition of Easter-eggs «Dyvosvit of Hutsul pysanka», exhibitions of folk art masters and much other.

The special evenings, “frankivsky” recitations, meetings, conferences and other are being organized in the museum.


Days off: Monday

Working hours: 10:00 - 18:00

Lunch: 13:00 - 14:00


The museum was included into the list of the objects, which have been monitored for the accessibility.


Short description of the object accessibility:

There is a place for car parking on the opposite side from the museum. There is also a sing to the museum.

The entrance to the museum yard has two steps (one – 11 cm high, the other – somewhat lower). The museum building entrance has 6 steps and now ramp.

There is another entrance to the museum with three steps and without a ramp; the threshold at the first room is 4,5 cm high; the door width is large enough to enter on wheel-chair. There are no barriers for wheel-chairs between the first and second exhibition rooms.

To get to the other four rooms one has to pass the corridor with the threshold of 17 cm high. These rooms’ entrances also have thresholds of 9 cm, 9 cm, 12 cm and 25 cm.

All the rooms are spacious enough with the passages of needed width.

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