Snyatinskiy district  Marko Cheremshyna Literary and Memorial Museum


T. Shevchenka Str.,101

Sniatyn, 78300

tel.:(03476) 2-14-48


The museum was opened on July 17, 1949. Its expositions are placed in 7 rooms, two of them are memorial - working cabinet of the writer and meeting room. The writer’s life is exposed in four museum rooms, the personal things of Marko, books from his library, manuscripts; articles of way of life and ethnography are represented. Here there is also a fund of Natalia Semanyuk – the wife of the short-story writer, literary-critical materials and photo-illustrations to works of Marko Cheremshyna.

The exhibitions of folk craftsmen, artists, collectors of Pokuttia edge are organized at show-room. Since 1999 the ceremony of the literary and art award of Mark Cheremshyna has been annually organized here.

Working days: Tuesday – Saturday.

Working hours: 10:00 – 18:00.


The museum was included into the list of the objects, which have been monitored for the accessibility.


Short description of the object accessibility:

The museum is located in the Sniatyn downtown near to a city town hall. There is no special parking for cars. The museum building is one-story, it has practically inaccessible main entrance from a street, because the left half of the entrance doors doesn't open. There is a spare entrance functioning through the yard of the museum back-side.

Two large steps lead to the central museum (no handrail or stationary ramps). The width of the central doors (if two their parts are opened) is sufficient for passage on a wheel-chair. A corridor after the entrance doors is wide enough for maneuvering on a wheel-chair.

There are also two large steps to the spare entrance (no handrail or stationary ramps). The width of the door is sufficient for passage on a wheel-chair. A movement in show-rooms is comfortable, the doors between the rooms are wide and do not have thresholds.

There is a monument to Marko Cheremshyna near the museum with easy access.

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