Kosivskiy district  Museum of folk art of Hutsulschyna


school, Yavoriv village,

Kosiv district, 78644



The museum was created in Yavoriv village in October 1961 and transferred to Yavoriv secondary school in 2004.

It is located on the second floor of the school, occupies one room with the area 36 sq.m. There are 255 main exhibits.

Museum profile: art. Among the interesting exhibits: objects of wood, carved boxes, ceramics, homemade weaved goods – “lizhnyk” (blanket-cover). Just lizhnyk from Yavoriv village is one of the most popular kinds of interior weaving that accomplish both decorative and customer functions.

There are exhibitions of pupils works organized periodically in the museum. It also conducts research activities.


Days off: Saturday-Sunday.

Working hours: 9:00-15.00.




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