Regional  Kuty local lore museum

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Vichevyj majdan, Kuty village,

Kosiv district, 78665

tel.: +380 3478 4-51-27



Museum is located in former school building and has 5 rooms with the following exhibitions: «Products of lod, wood and ceramics (ղ- centuries)»; «Tools and instruments for work»; «Samples of cloths of linen»; «Exhibits on history of education and culture of Ukraine – books in German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, published in 20-30th of century»; «Pictures, postcards, monetary checks, documents and materials for the exposition – 1000 anniversary of baptizing of Rus-Ukraine, history of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian People’s Army, Sichovi Riflemen» etc. Among the most famous exhibits there are ceramic fragment of Oleksandr Bakhmatiuk (mid ղ century), wooden plate (ղ century), atlas of world nations (second half of ղ century), others.  

Working days: according to the preliminary agreement. 


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